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Welcome to the virtual showcase of Leading Edge Laminating and Binding Supplies! We provide products of top brands to meet the needs in the printing industry. Our products are designed to help you quickly and easily create professional- documents, presentations, and promotional materials.

Whether you are looking for laminating systems, lamination supplies, or binding materials, our multi-brand online store has everything you need to get the job done. We will help you find the perfect solution for your lamination and binding needs. With competitive prices, fast and reliable shipping, and exceptional customer service, Leading Edge has become your one-stop shop for all your print finishing needs. Browse our selection today and discover why so many customers choose us Leading Edge for their binding and lamination... Read More

Best Selling Products

  • 6mm - 18mm | Black 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch
  • 20mm - 50mm | Black 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch
  • 6mm - 18mm | White 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch - 100/box
  • 20mm - 50mm | White 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch


  • A+ plus
  • Bindaply

Frequently asked questions

The Leading Edge online store is your one-stop-shop for industrial-grade solutions including:- 

  • Lamination films
  • Binding supplies 
  • Packaging and displaying products
  • Print finishing equipment 

All products are sourced from top-rated brands i.e. LAMAPLY™, DIGIPLY™, A+PLUS™, DIGISLEEK™, and BINDAPLY™.

Yes, Leading Edge offers nearly all laminates in custom sizes. Products listed on our website are shown in a variety of stock sizes but can be produced in nearly any other size.  Contact us today to receive a quote for any non-standard sizes.

Leading Edge accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, ACH/EFT, and also offers terms upon credit approval.  Contact us for a credit application

Yes, free samples are available for nearly all of our products.

Yes, Leading Edge is a bulk supplier of laminate films and binding supplies.  We supply many high volume production facilities and stock a large inventory to supply our customers.  Check out our online quantity discounts or contact us with special requests and high volume quotes.

Along with heavy-duty equipment and a wide variety of lamination/binding/packaging supplies, Leading Edge also offers service and repair on nearly all laminating and binding machines.

To maintain quality standards, Leading Edge ensures that all the products meet and exceed the quality expectations of our clients.  Our staff are trained to meet a high level of quality to deliver only the best to our customers.

Leading Edge has a collection page dedicated to Laminating equipment. We have:- 

  • Two-Sided Laminating Systems
  • One-Sided Laminating Systems
  • Pouch Laminators
  • Desktop Laminators

Options for every application are available.  Don’t see what you need?  Contact an expert today to learn how we can customize to deliver the ideal solution for all of your laminating needs!

All new laminating, binding and print finishing equipment available at Leading Edge comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.  Most machines come with at least a 1 year warranty.

The benefits of laminating include protecting documents or images from damage while enhancing their appearance and making them more durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant.  Lamination is commonly used for ID cards, posters, menus, maps, book covers, luxury packaging applications, and other items that require protection, and durability.

Choosing the right type of laminate for your project involves considering factors such as the intended use, desired appearance, and budget. You should also take into account the durability, thickness, and texture of the laminate, as well as any special features or benefits it may offer, such as scratch resistance or a tactile feel.

Customer support representatives of Leading Edge are available for assistance over the phone, answered by a live person from 7:00am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday.  Additionally, you can contact us through email, fax, or online chat.

Phone:  1.877.367.3644


Fax: 1.712.309.0037

Binding supplies are materials used to bind books, creating a polished and professional appearance. They include items like binding combs, plastic coils, double-loop wire-o, and binding machines, enabling various methods to bind papers together for presentations, reports, manuals, and more.

Various types of binding supplies include comb binding elements, double-loop wire-o, and spiral binding coils. Each offers distinct features for binding documents, reports, presentations, and more.

Choosing the appropriate binding supplies for your project involves considering several key factors. 

  • Identify your needs
  • Determine binding method
  • Document thickness
  • Editing Flexibility
  • Budget
  • User reviews and recommendations

Binding coils, also known as spiral coils or spiral binding, offer several advantages over other binding methods. Here are some of the key advantages of using binding coils:

  • 360-Degree Rotation
  • Flexibility and Durability
  • Customizable Lengths
  • Variety of Colors
  • Easy Editing and Adding Pages

Binding supplies can generally be used with various paper types and documents, but paper weight, size, and texture should match the chosen binding method. Thicker, smoother paper works well. Consider equipment compatibility and binding style for optimal results and durability.

The number of pages binding supplies can hold varies based on the type and size of the supplies. Plastic combs, coils, and metal binding combs typically hold up to 400 pages.

Binding supplies such as plastic combs and binding coils are reusable. They can be opened or unthreaded from the punched holes, allowing you to remove or add pages as needed, making them versatile for editing and updates.

Yes, binding supplies are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit different preferences and document requirements. Plastic combs, binding coils, and some binding covers come in various colors & sizes, allowing for customization, branding, and color coding.

Binding machines are automated devices that efficiently bind documents using various methods. While manual binding tools require hand-operated processes for binding. Machines offer speed and precision, while manual tools are suitable for occasional use or when automation isn't essential.

Lamination supplies consist of laminating pouches or rolls and laminating machines. These materials are used to encase paper documents in a protective, transparent layer, enhancing durability, waterproofing, and preserving the integrity of the items against wear, tear, and moisture.

Lamination supplies come in various sizes and thicknesses which contain laminating pouches and rolls. Pouch laminators and roll laminating machines are used to seal the pouches or rolls and create a protective coating over documents and photos.

Hot Lamination:

They use heat to melt adhesive in laminating pouches, creating a secure bond that encapsulates the document. It's ideal for achieving a crystal-clear finish and is suitable for most printed material.

Cold Lamination:

They employ pressure-sensitive adhesives on laminating film, eliminating the need for heat and making it suitable for heat-sensitive materials like photos, artwork, and inkjet prints.

Thermal lamination is a process of sealing documents or materials between layers of heat-activated film. The film is heated, creating a protective and glossy finish, enhancing durability, water resistance, and visual appeal.

One standout online shop is Leading Edge, which offers a wide range of products, including lamination supplies and binding supplies.