Collection: Modular Punching Equipment

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  • FlexiPunch-E - Electric Modular Punch
  • Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx 7000/6500 Dies
  • ONYX 3-IN-1 - Automatic Punching System
  • ONYX APES 14-77 - Automatic Paper Ejector and Stacker
  • Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx 7700 Dies
  • HD 7700 ONYX Electric Punch
  • HD 6500 ONYX Electric Punch
  • VersaMac Plus HD - Electric Punch and Stacking System

What is modular punching equipment? 

Modular punching equipment is an essential tool used in bookbinding that allows for precise, consistent, and high-quality punching of holes. This type of equipment is designed to be flexible and customizable based on specific project requirements. Modular punching equipment operates using interchangeable die sets and modules that allow printers to customize and change their machines according to the specifications of each project, whether it be coil binding,... Read More