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  • HLA 2301 - Automatic Laminator
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What is a Roll Laminator?

Looking to bring lamination into your own print production facility? Rest assured!  Leading Edge offers a full range of laminators for all levels. Commonly used for commercial production in print facilities, our roll laminators can accommodate a wide range of materials, from thin paper to thick boards for mounting signs. While increasing the speed and efficiency of the lamination process, the varied sizes and designs of our industrial laminators... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an industrial roll laminator differ from other types of laminators?

An industrial roll laminator differs from other types of laminators primarily in its capacity and intended use. Industrial roll laminators are designed for heavy-duty and high-volume laminating tasks. They can efficiently handle larger paper sizes, thicker materials, and continuous lamination. These laminators are commonly employed in commercial settings, such as print shops and manufacturing environments, where speed, durability, and consistent performance are essential for achieving professional results.

What are the main features and capabilities of an industrial roll laminator?

The main features and capabilities of our industrial roll laminators include adjustable temperature control for various laminating films, cooling fans and multiple rollers ensuring an even and smooth finish, automated feeding and sheet separation, and variable speed settings for optimal efficiency during the laminating process.

What types of laminating films or rolls are compatible with an industrial roll laminator?

There are various types of laminating films that can be used with an industrial roll laminator. The specific type of film will depend on the desired outcome and the materials being laminated. Some commonly used laminating films include thermal laminating film, pressure-sensitive laminating film, and cold laminating film. Each type of film has its own unique characteristics and advantages, so it's important to choose the right one for your specific application.

Can an industrial roll laminator handle different thicknesses of materials?

Yes, industrial roll laminators are designed to handle various thicknesses of materials. These machines are equipped with adjustable settings to control the pressure and temperature, ensuring precise lamination for different materials. Whether laminating thin paper or thicker cardstock, an industrial roll laminator can accommodate a range of thicknesses to achieve optimal results.

Is an industrial roll laminator suitable for both hot and cold lamination?

Yes, in most cases an industrial laminator is designed to handle both hot and cold lamination. It offers the flexibility to choose between these two lamination methods based on your specific needs and materials. This versatility makes it a convenient and efficient option for a wide range of lamination applications.

Are there any special features or settings for specific lamination applications?

Yes, there are specialized features and settings available for various lamination applications. Different materials and purposes require specific adjustments, such as temperature and pressure settings, film thickness, and adhesive type. Customizing these parameters ensures optimal results, durability, and adherence for each unique lamination requirement.

Can an industrial roll laminator handle continuous or high-volume lamination? 

Certainly! Our industrial roll laminators are designed to handle continuous and high-volume lamination tasks. Their robust construction, advanced heating elements, and efficient rollers enable them to seamlessly laminate bulk documents or materials. 

Can an industrial roll laminator accommodate different widths of laminating rolls?

Yes, most industrial roll laminators are designed to accommodate laminating rolls of varying widths. These machines feature adjustable settings that allow you to easily switch between different roll sizes, providing flexibility and efficiency for your laminating needs. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific compatibility and instructions.

What industries or applications commonly use industrial roll laminators?

Industrial roll laminators are commonly used in various industries and applications, including print and graphics, packaging, manufacturing, education, and signage. These machines are essential for laminating large volumes of documents, posters, banners, labels, and packaging materials, providing durability, protection, and a professional finish to enhance visual appeal and longevity.

Where can I purchase an industrial roll laminator?

You can buy high-quality industrial roll laminators from Leading Edge’s vast collection.