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  • 6mm - 18mm | Black 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch
  • 20mm - 50mm | Black 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch
  • 6mm - 18mm | White 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch - 100/box
  • 20mm - 50mm | White 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch
  • 6mm - 32mm | 36" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch
  • 6mm - 18mm | Clear 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch
  • 20mm - 32mm | Clear 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch
  • 6mm - 18mm | Red 12" BINDAPLY Plastic Coil 4:1 Pitch

What Are Binding Coils

Binding coils are plastic coils that are utilized to bind loose papers or materials to make a book. They are built to smoothly spin into the closely spaced holes on the materials to be bound. Our binding coils have been manufactured using a high-grade durable PVC making them suitable for both high volume and on-demand markets.

Spiral binding coils present a solution that delivers better convenience of turning pages with ease. The... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What are spiral binding coils?

Spiral binding coils, also known simply as spiral coils or coil bindings, are a type of binder used to secure and organize documents, papers, or booklets. These coils are made of a flexible PVC material and resemble a continuous, spring-like coil. They are inserted through holes along the edge of the pages and then twisted or spun into place, creating a durable and attractive bound document. 

How do spiral binding coils differ from other types of binding supplies?

These binding coils differ from other types of binding supplies, like comb binding or wire binding, in terms of their appearance, flexibility, and binding process. Unlike comb binding, which uses plastic combs threaded through rectangular holes, or wire binding, which uses metal wire loops, spiral binding coils are made of continuous plastic coils that can rotate 360 degrees. This rotation capability allows documents to fold back on themselves completely and provides a more versatile reading experience. 

What materials are spiral binding coils made of?

They are typically made from a high-quality plastic material, most commonly PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC coils are durable, flexible, and resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for various applications.

Can spiral binding coils accommodate different thicknesses of documents?

Yes, spiral binding coils can accommodate different document thicknesses. They are available in various diameters to suit varying page quantities.

Are spiral binding coils reusable?

Yes, if the crimped ends are carefully removed, the coils can be reused.  However they are typically not reused.  

How do I insert spiral binding coils into my document?

Tools like a spiral binding machine or an electric coil inserter are used to insert spiral binding coils.

Can spiral binding coils be trimmed to fit smaller documents?

Spiral binding coils can be trimmed to fit any sized document. 

What are the advantages of using spiral binding coils?

The coils offer a practical and versatile solution for document binding, providing numerous benefits that suit a variety of needs;

  • 360-degree rotation for easy folding and a flat reading
  • Durability and long-lasting due to sturdy materials
  • Versatility in binding capacity for various document thicknesses
  • Easy page removal and replacement for updates
  • Cost-effective compared to other binding methods
  • Documents lie flat for note-taking and photocopying

Can spiral binding coils be used for both professional and personal projects?

Yes! Spiral binding coils are versatile for professional and personal use. They enhance presentations, reports, and manuals in business settings while offering convenience for notebooks, cookbooks, and journals at home.

Are spiral binding coils suitable for documents with a large number of pages?

Certainly!  Spiral binding coils can accommodate a wide range of page counts, making them suitable for thick and thin documents.

Can spiral binding coils be customized with different covers or designs?

Absolutely; spiral binding coils can be paired with various cover materials and designs, allowing for personalization and branding.

Where can I purchase spiral binding coils?

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